Dear friends of HMA,

Greetings and thanks for the patience, support and time for reading this article based on the functions of HMA new Website.

  1. Migrating from .com extension to .org was necessary, as the .com extension resembles the commercial domain and as we are a non-profit organization .org extension is very suitable for us.
  2. As time demands some more technology driven websites we have introduced for the first time, Job Posting directly through the portal of HMA for e.g. ABC company have a requirement of a Sales Marketing Person – he will login to the HMA portal and under Career option he will post the job – as he publishes it the job will appear in the HMA Portal instantly.
  3. Notices – events and gallery will now be hosted in our own portal rather than Picasa gallery and Google docs.
  4. We have also tried to create a opinion polls where mass members can participate to send their voice to Executive body, which till now was not possible due to low attendance or communication problems.
  5. Micro Site – For the first time each our HMA member will be having their own Website under the HMA directory, where they can have a 5 page website created through a easy to use editor.

Upcoming in portal:-

  1. Staff Blacklisting | Vendor Black listing and grievances cell – there need to be some discussion before proceeding to develop such type of option in the portal.

Design & Development :

The website is developed by Krishna Tech based in Siliguri, the whole concept was discussed with some of the HMA Members and was leaded by Mr Arvind Bazari IT Chairman.

Regards & Thanks

Hardware Merchant Association.